As a designer, I love to find inspiration from the great outdoors.  I’m fortunate to live within a day’s drive of some of the most extraordinary places in America.  I recently spent some time with my family at Yosemite National Park, and my boys had to endure me clicking around every corner.  The photo above was taken in the morning at Vernal Falls.  It is a composite of images, taken vertically and stitched in Photoshop.  I utilized a Canon 5D Mark II with 17 – 40mm lens, at 17mm focal length, no filter and f/8 at 1/160sec.  This image has not been doctored in any other way, the rainbow is natural, the grass is really that green, and the sky that blue.  I love the power of the water.  The hiker trudging up the trail gives us a sense of perspective and the silhouetted trees and cliff face provide a natural frame to the photograph.  To view more of my photography, visit my nature photos website.

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