Could Your Website Use More Video?

Web design is important, but you need great content to persuade customers to work with your company, or to buy your products and services. More and more, business owners are discovering the power of online video, and the way it can be used to supplement text and static images.

Is it possible that you could use video on your website to generate more leads or sales? Could a few clips help cut down on the number of customer service requests you have to answer? Could video just make your website more interesting and engaging?

Based on our experience with dozens of companies, the answers to all of these questions are probably “yes.” But, integrating video into your business website can be overwhelming. That’s why today we want to give you a few simple and straightforward ways you can use video on your pages.

Here are just a few of the things you can do quickly and affordably with video that might help your company grow…

Give Customers a Virtual Tour

It has been well documented that most people have a fear of the unknown. That is, they’ll stick to routines that are familiar even if trying something new might benefit them. You can use this to your advantage by offering website visitors a virtual tour of your company. Then, they’ll be more likely to stop by because they’ll feel like they’ve already had the experience of being there.

Introduce Your Staff

In the same way you want your location to be familiar to potential customers, you can use online video to introduce them to your staff, as well. This can be surprisingly effective, especially if you work in a people-oriented business. The more friendly and accessible you and your team are on your website, the easier it will be to generate phone calls, appointments, and walk-in visits.

Explain Important Features or Benefits

There are some product features or competitive strengths that are difficult to explain with text. And, people have an easier time believing what they’ve seen with their own eyes over what they have read on a web page. Putting those two truths together, it’s easy to see why a video demonstration can be much more compelling than a simple product or service page would be.

Share Customer Testimonials

Nothing adds credibility to your business like testimonials from previous customers who have had good experiences. And, by presenting these in video format, you turn your satisfied buyers into real people rather than anonymous names and faces on a website. Plus, online video reviews and testimonials can be shared through your social media profiles for extra effect.

Show Off Your Personality

Sometimes the most effective online marketing videos have little to do with marketing at all. Numerous entrepreneurs have discovered they can get interest from customers by posting videos of their pets, their favorite charities, or even little jokes or pranks. You don’t want your website to be full of silly videos, of course, but having a couple of them can separate you from all the other vendors out there in buyers’ minds.

Online video used to be a novelty for marketers with huge production budgets. Now it’s easy to create and edit a clip that can go online within hours. We hope you’ll give these ideas a bit of thought, and then see how a handful of clips might help you take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level. Check out our Los Angeles video production portfolio.

Looking for online marketing recommendations that are tailored to your business and situation? Contact our creative team today to schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you.