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Web Design for Municipal Water District of OC
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Web Design Technologies: custom WordPress website, php, MySQL database, css3 design

Key Website Features: The Municipal Water District of Orange County contracted us to create a modern, easy-to-use website with a creative twist. We developed a custom front-end website with a WordPress back-end. We setup and manage third-party hosting and automated backups. The front-end user experience features a dynamic video element that autoplays, giving the user a sense of movement and life. The unique menu system keeps the content clean, while allowing users to easily dive down into certain areas. The WordPress system is highly customized on the backend to allow for ease of administration. The Meetings & Agendas are entered once, sorted by date, and once a meeting has passed, it is automatically moved into “Past Meetings”. The admin does not need to archive, it’s done automatically. The admin still has the ability to add additional documents or edit the past meetings. As the years pass, meetings are archived into accordions by year. The site will be 508 compliant and secured by IP.

Endorsement: This website is FANTASTIC! I was so pleased to see a really modern, forward looking site developed for a public agency. Great work! I wish all our regional and local agencies could shift to this approach. I’m going to ping out to a bunch of folks as a great case study.