Offsite Cloud Backups for WordPress Websites

Most hosts offer some type of website backup service, but they are either on the same server, on-site, or just not consistent. They also don’t provide a simple solution to restore.

We are now offering off-site backups for all of our clients. This is an add-on for our web hosting packages, as well as an offering for any wordpress website on other hosts.

Our solution utilizes a plugin that automatically creates website backups and sends to an offsite location. In our case, we are using dropbox. We recommend a weekly backup and storing up to 4 sets, which will give you a month’s history.

Do you NEED off-site backups? I hope not. In 20 years, we have only needed to perform an emergency restore one time. One of our clients didn’t realize their hosting account expired. The hosting company removed all of the web files. Fortunately, we had off-site backups enabled and were able to quickly restore onto a new host. Since wordpress websites are database dependent, they are not easily stored, migrated or rebuilt. With offsite backups, it can generally be done with a few clicks. Off-site backups also allow for easy migration between hosts and servers.

Offsite Cloud Backups

  • automate, scheduled weekly backups
  • sent to our remote dropbox
  • encrypted transport to cloud storage
  • includes web, wordpress and database files
  • up to four backups are stored (1 month of data)

$50 / year

cloud backup for wordpress websites