Nonprofit Web Design

Nonprofit Web Design

L.A. Design Studio empowers nonprofit organizations to bring their creative ideas to life with their elaborate detail and exceptional design. A wide array of web design services are available to professionals including nonprofits. Their best non-profit websites are built to create an awareness, to educate for a cause, to provoke a reaction, to inspire to take action, and to give visitors a reason to return to the website. Non-profit organizations want their voice heard and to make a difference in the world.

Good nonprofit web design should function as an intuitive slick educational experience.  It should demonstrate the non-profit organization’s expertise in the matter and include a user-friendly navigational experience showcasing stunning photography. The website should accept donations and inspire the user to take immediate action without leaving the page.

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Nonprofit web design functionality should include:

1. User-friendly navigation
No matter how nice the web design is, if it is too difficult to navigate, visitors will be discouraged and will leave the website. The non-profit website should be straight forward, so it’s easy to understand the cause.

2. Donation button
The donation button should be easily accessed. It should be on every page near the top of the page so visitors don’t have to search for it. We have creative ways to make your online donations more compelling.

3. Branding
Basic branding should be practiced. The web design pages should look like they belong together. There should be consistency – the font, the colors, the logo should all be consistent.

4. Secure website
A secure web design is critical for any business, as this will remove the “not secure” message in your browser. If visitors are submitting online donations, or are entering their personal information, there may be additional security features for your website.

5. Events calendar
A calendar is helpful to visitors so they can see events that are coming up that may be of interest to them in the future. The types of events that are held also gives visitors a better understanding of what the organization is about.

6. Social Media Connection
Links for social media should be available on every web page and easy to find. Visitors may want to connect with the organization and clicking a button is much easier than searching for the organization in the social media app. We can also integrate social media feeds into your nonprofit web design.

7. Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS system is helpful for the non-profit organization to update their own content. LA Design Studio develops an easy to use system to make updating their website simple. Our post-launch web management support has kept clients coming back for over 20 years.

8. Intriguing Photography
The photography should be complimentary to the organization’s work. It should be easy on the eye and tell a story of what the organization stands for.  Our web design team customizes the look and feel and combines various images to provide a custom touch.

9. Simple but Impactful Information
Since you only have 10 seconds to draw in the visitor on your website, the home page needs to be impactful. The organization’s message needs to be clear. Too much information will overwhelm the visitor, they will get frustrated and leave the website.

10. Quick Page Loading
Having a slow loading page is a sure way to have visitors quickly leave the website without seeing what the organization is about. It’s important to test the website to be sure it loads quickly. We have techniques to speed up your website and can also make recommendations on fast hosting providers.

Exceptionally Effective Website Design for Nonprofit Industry

Our Nonprofit web design company has developed exceptionally effective websites for organizations in a host of industries. This has enabled our clients to enter new markets, build and strengthen customer relationships, and gain the competitive advantage they need to succeed. Expert professionals and proven processes, all working together, strategically, deliver the very best in web design.

The Best Nonprofit Web Design Process

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